One day The Jonas Brothers will record their last album together, do their last concert together and sing their last song together.

We have had the time of our lives living the dream with Joe, Kevin and Nick.

They made us laugh, They made us smile, they made us live…and we will never forget them.

They are the boys who made our dream come true, the ones who think we’re the best.
They make our world special just by being in it. With them, there’s always a way to find hope.

We’ll never forget all those sold out concerts, the albums, the records, the way they held out their mics for the crowd to sing while we sounded as one. We’ll never forget every time they said “You are amazing”

In the future, people will talk about the Jonas Brothers, They’ll talk about how big they were, how the crowd went wild and how they inspired millions of lives.

We’ll be Jonas Brothers fans forever… and we’ll be there till the end of the time

And that’s why we will buy their last album and we will be in their last concert to sing the last song… together.

I’ve left a band of brothers take over my life and I regret nothing.

I’ll always be who I am, I’ll always be a Jonas fan, because this band, these three guys have created a story with no ending. With no ending.


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